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About Us

What Is StayWell?

StayWell represents a suite of services curated by the IBM Watson Cognitive AI System and represented by our custom-built, AI driven characters. Designed specifically to take the complexity and mystery out of giving you and your family the tools and information you need to stay healthy, our characters and clinicians are friendly, understanding, interactive, and deeply interested in your health and well-being.

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We believe that everyone should have access to their complete Healthcare profile presented in easy-to-understand format in real-time, as a basic human right.

Our objective is to offer clients a trusted, interactive, AI-driven clinician, that develops a long-lasting relationships with clients.

Our areas of expertise and focus include:

Health Consulting

Wellness Resources

Fitness Coaching

Women's Health

Lab Test Clarification


Medication Compliance


Physician’s Assistant

Family Planning

Pregnancy Care

Child-rearing Guidance

Scholastic Tutoring

Medical Resource

Autism Support

AI Robotic Companionship

Elder Care

Terminal Care and Hospice

StayWell Laboratories Privacy & Compliance

HIPAA Compliant

A basic StayWell account starts with our extensive, HIPAA compliant, secure blockchain questionnaire and Internet-assisted history profile. This can be followed up with our optional health checkup and lab tests done by a licensed healthcare practitioner.

IBM Watson Health

Our unique collaboration of Watson Health diagnostics, predictive analytics, and personalized lab testing allows us to work with doctors and licensed medical practitioners.

IBM Blockchain

The Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets standards of access to private medical information of clients. StayWell and IBM's distributed Blockchain ledger ensures client anonymity and security.

The StayWell family of AI Clinicians simplifies the workload for doctors and licensed medical practitioners by assisting with client follow-ups, medication compliance, interpreting laboratory tests, as well as compiling data gleaned from wearable devices to develop a complete Healthcare profile.

StayWell Laboratories Technologies

Press Play to Meet Corey, One of the Staywell Family AI Clinicians

StayWell’s family of AI clinicians can provide clients with the discreet confidentiality necessary for honest and intimate discussions of sensitive health issues while simultaneously formulating a personalized analysis of complicated technical health data into easy-to-understand visual illustrations and actionable guidance.

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StayWell Laboratories Technology Simply Explained

Corey is one of the StayWell family clinicians, and Corey uses natural language processing (NLP) to communicate with clients. Our NLP technologies help our family of AI Clinicians respond intelligently, in real-time, whilst processing information provided by the client (self-reported information, electronic health records (EHR), health screenings, lab tests results, genome marker analysis, wearable and IoT device data, etc.) and compiles this unstructured wellness data for analyzation. The compiled health and wellness data, including biometric data and recommended actions to be taken, are presented to the client in an easy-to-understand format (conversations, graphs, images and videos) directly to the clients mobile device, smartwatch, desktop or tablet.

Why We Gamified Healthcare

StayWell Laboratories solutions are easy-to-use, easy to understand, and supportive to help clients develop wellness habits that are healthy and gratifying.

The StayWell gamification model helps clients reach their healthcare, fitness and well-being goals. Our goal is to enhance days of life through the years with high quality health and wellness support that is just as gratifying as it is rewarding.

Gamified Healthcare:

  • Enables cost-effective diagnostics
  • Encourages a goal-oriented lifestyle
  • Motivates the client by supporting behavior changing activities
  • Enhances understanding of complicated data with illustrations
  • Enables 24/7 remote access to our family of AI Clinicians for office visits and exams
  • Empowers the client with analytics-based diagnostics and haptic feedback for preventive medicine from routine exams to complex surgeries

Privacy, Compliance, and Security Measures Are Important to All of Us at Staywell Laborites

Privacy, compliance, and appropriate security measures are built into the foundation and architecture of all StayWell products.

All StayWell accounts are:

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Blockchain secure creating anonymized electronic health records (EHR)
  • Accounts are initiated with an Internet-assisted wellness questionnaire that customizes the questionnaire questions based on the answers provided
  • Optional health checkups and lab tests administered by a licensed healthcare practitioner

A bit more about our team, approximately one third of our developers have worked in the Game Industry, another third hails from the Healthcare Industry, and the other third from the AI Industry.

Health & Wellness Client Timeline History

We aim to motivate, encourage, enable, enhance and empower the healthcare clients by providing them with a complete Healthcare profile, presented in easy-to-understand format, in real-time, to identify health and wellness related risk in its infancy.

With client consent, StayWell collects historical data from electronic health records (EHR), physical exams, diagnostics, along with family medical history to identify and define factors that may have been missed due to pre-existing bias and inconspicuous trends.

Wellness Recommendations

StayWell’s wellness recommendation engine allows us to identify potential health risk factors by combining IBM Watson Health initiatives (current and proven case studies) with our AI Clinician’s ability to identify and define factors that may have been missed by an otherwise incomplete client health and wellness profile.

The ability to detect health and wellness related risk in its infancy, combined with early intervention of appropriate preventive wellness measures, may help to lower the number of overall healthcare and healthcare related costs such as medical visits, medical procedures, emergency room visits, etc.

Our family of AI Clinicians are skilled at identifying factors that may impact a client’s health by utilizing machine learning (ML) neural networks to deliver purposeful, relevant, and actionable insights.