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The world’s most interesting molecule:

StayWell is a cloud-based virtual health consultancy that uses AI personas as a confidential interface for client interaction. Using our deep experience and knowledge in AI cognizance, natural language processing, and advanced clinical software integration, we have developed a dynamic, public-facing resource for case-proven alternatives to conventional prescriptive medicine - starting with the most interesting molecule in the world: CBD.

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Say hello to our little friend

Interestingly enough, we have found that virtual characters are quite often able to convey complicated technical data far better than humans while providing a level of discreet confidentiality that is necessary for frank discussions of sensitive health issues. See for yourself.


CBD shops are finding that people are understandably hesitant to discuss deeply personal medical and psychological issues with a salesperson who has little-to-no medical, pharmaceutical or prescribing training. Topics such as cancer, chemotherapy neuropathy, immune system disorders, sexual dysfunction, PTSD, constipation from opioid usage, and many more issues of a personal nature are better served in discrete anonymity with a credible source.



Although the FDA, AMA, National Institutes of Health (NIH), and The United States National Library of Medicine (NLM), have all attested to the fact that CBD has significant medicinal value, medical practitioners are hesitant to add it to their prescriptive inventory for several reasons. Perhaps most significantly is the incentivization that Big Pharma offers - so until the billions that they are spending on developing brand-able CBD isolates brings their product to market, STAYWELL will serve as a de facto resource for clinical-grade, CBD remedial opinion.


Our solution is to create an AI-driven, clinical character that can be used across applications and platforms to develop deep, lasting relationships with STAYWELL clients. Our time-tested, proprietary Cognizance Engine is a hybrid evolution of neural networks and machine learning that gives us a dynamic tool for building a corpus of personal narratives.



Our highly collaborative AI ENGINE can work as a fully autonomous, dynamic agent of our cognitive chain by integrating AI sensor-fusion techniques in a flexible and adaptive human-computer interface geared toward multi-modal interactions. Sounds complicated, but we’ve been doing this for quite a while for a diverse group of high-profile clients and partners.


Our AI Personal Clinician has all the CBD studies, qualified, quantified, cross-categorized, and can discuss them privately in a way that takes the snake oil component out of the equation. The consultation is augmented with vignettes and animations that illustrate the conversation and build a bond of trust between the client and the STAYWELL brand. All accounts are block-chain encrypted as well as password and biometrically protected.



Although the optimum initial interface between our clinician and the client would be in the context of a video conference on a personal desktop or laptop computer any smart devce, such as your phone, will also work quite well. Although not as secure as a dedicated ISP connection, our real-time smartphone app offers the option of timely updates, impromptu inquires, and the ability to engage in contextual dialogue that adds to the client's personal corpus.

A recent AI robotic elder-care project
that we developed

Our Robotic AI Elder-care program, created in conjunction with the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH, is widely regarded as a seminal innovation in the emerging framework of global healthcare. This pilot project was a bold attempt to develop protocols that will help avert the pending crisis that the NIH believes will crash global healthcare systems by 2022.


Our objective is to create trusted AI-driven characters, utilized across applications and platforms, that develop long-lasting relationships between humans and AI while defining the standards for AI D2C, B2C, and B2B business models. 

While each client owns their unique version of the AI Clinician, our business model is based on licensing the StayWell Cognizance Engine as the core enabling AI component that we host as a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS).

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